Til Death Do Us Part


Release Date

It's your wedding day. "The Bridal Chorus" is playing on the organ. You are in your beautiful white wedding dress, with impeccable hair and makeup. However, you start to feel overwhelmed by wedding nerves, something very common during the wedding day of the bride or groom, and you chicken out. Now, imagine that the reason for these nerves is that your future husband has a shady past, full of corpses in his wake. A past of which you are aware and of which you were also a part.

Because you want to get out of this life full of blood and money, you leave your wedding day with fear, anger and regret. However, after learning of her escape plan, her husband-to-be sends his amazingly combat-trained groomsman after you in an effort to make this wedding happen. Not the best start to married life, is it?

Running time

1h 49 min


Under 14 Not Allowed

Production Company

Born to Burn Films



Running time: 1h 49 min

Rating: Under 14 Not Allowed

Production Company: Born to Burn Films

Studio: OTHER




Genres: Action, Thriller