My Blind Date With Life

Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben (2017)

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From the director of the Academy Award nominated film SOPHIE SCHOLL, comes the incredible true story of Saliya Kahawatte, who lost 95% of his vision as a teenager. Determined to overcome adversity and fulfill his dream career, Saliya started an apprenticeship in a 5 star hotel, and with the help of his irreverent colleague Max, managed to keep his blindness a secret from all around him.

Comedy directed by Marc Rothemund (SOPHIE SCHOLL)

With Kostja Ullmann, Jacob Matschenz, Anna Maria Mühe.

Running time

1h 51 min


Under 12 Not Recommended

Production Company

Studio Canal International


Estonian Theatrical Distribution OÜ

Running time: 1h 51 min

Rating: Under 12 Not Recommended

Production Company: Studio Canal International

Studio: Estonian Theatrical Distribution OÜ




Genres: Comedy, Drama